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Zeghloul Semlali trained in private law, public law and business law, and Me Master Zeghloul Semlali offer their customers all legal advice and services they need to achieve their goals.
It is able at once to advise you and advocate your disputes.

Admitted to the bar in Rabat, the company Zeghloul Semlali is composed of several lawyers confirmed that have expertise in many specialties.

Zeghloul Semlali Society of Professional Civil Lawyers is a firm that has over 46 years of existence.


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and proximity

Relationships with our customers based on careful listening and a mutual trust and transparency. We still prefer the human aspect, the first appointment to final judgment.

and Combative

Lawyers and ZEGHLOUL SEMLALI are known for their great fighting spirit and commitment. This is what makes the strength of the firm that won thanks to his tenacity some of his greatest victories for judicial behalf of its clients.

and efficiency

The firm is at the forefront of technology and technical means powerful computing and modern. The whole office is networked and has all the latest legal databases. We also seek to be constantly aware of the latest developments and law reform

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Me Taoufik Zeghloul

Me Taoufik Zeghloul

Me Mohamed Yassir Semlali

Me Mohamed Yassir Semlali